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image by Michael C. Pearo

Welcome to the official home page of New York Times Bestselling author, Michael A. Stackpole.

Here you will find news about Mike’s career, his new work and new projects, some new fiction, a few personal stories, a few political rants and enough material to finish off the average Sixth grade book report. (For that just click on “Interview” above.) Actually, back in 1998 when Mike first created Stormwolf.com, that was his goal: to have one spot where anyone wanting to do a book report on one of his books could find everything they needed to do the job.

Since that time it’s become a lot more. It’s a place where Mike can keep you up to date on what he’s doing, and where you can comment on his posts. It’s also a place where you can purchase stories, books and other things, both virtual and physical. Publishing is going through a fairly chaotic and dynamic time, and this website reflects that in both content of the posts, and the nature of things offered.

Thank you for visiting.

40 Responses to “About”

  1. Kust finished A Secret Atlas. Enjoyed it immensley. What comes next in the sequence of novels?

  2. The next book is Cartomancy, followed by The New World, which finishes that series.

  3. Maybe you have already heard about this: http://volokh.com/2010/01/25/7th-circuit-upholds-prison-rule-forbidding-inmates-to-play-dungeons-and-dragons/

    I thought, you as the author of the Pulling Report might be interested.

  4. Cristoph, I did hear about it. Unfortunately prisons prohibit anything which can be used for gambling, or create items of wealth that can be used as a medium of exchange, or allow people to manipulate people. Regardless of the details and thoughts they ascribe to gaming, it does fall into that class of item. Because felons surrender many of their civil rights, game playing is not guaranteed and, at best, gets treated as a privilege. Privileges are often restricted in prison, so our hands are kind of tied here.

  5. I am an avid reader and book collector. As such, I have 4 large bookcases filled with books. However, I am now looking into moving into a smaller place, where I will be unlikely to be able to have space for all of my books, let alone my continuously expanding collection! Fortunately, ebooks have begun to take off, so now I can begin purchasing regular books as ebooks, while still purchasing the physical books of my favorite series.

    I do have a question though. As someone who has many, MANY books, I am looking at replacing as many of them as I can with ebooks, as they don’t take up physical space. My problem is that I cannot afford to purchase all of my books as ebooks. I am sure that there are illegal electronic editions of many of my books floating around on the internet, however, I am loath to download such, as that would be stealing. I am wondering if anyone out there has ever heard of some kind of service where for a modest fee (maybe $1 or two per book), I could exchange my physical copy of a book for an electronic copy?

  6. Alex,

    I’ve never heard of such a service and, if you find one, I suspect very strongly that it will be illegal. Those who would be giving you the ebook would pay more for it than they could collect in your fee plus any resale value for your used book. In short, they would be losing money with each exchange, which means they aren’t paying for the ebooks (or have a benefactor whose only goal is to lose money).


  7. Mike,
    I recently read your essay about your upcoming work with the new Mechwarrior game and as a longtime fan I have to say im stoked to know they have your talent behind the project. I have followed your books thru both the Battletech and Star Wars franchises (LOVED I,Jedi) and I will continue to look for your work in the future.

    I understand your moratorium on email and just wanted to give you a little shout out from a much older (and I hope wiser) fan of Battletech.

    Keep up the good work!!!


    Mike D

    San Antonio, Texas

  8. Mike – You and I must have surely watched the same TV show about the bamboo/rat cycle. I thought it would make a good story someday and filed it away. I guess I forgot the big lesson from one of my college professors – when you have an idea a thousand other people are having the same idea at the same time, so write fast. You wrote a great story and now I don’t have to think about that idea anymore. Thanks for “Night of the Rat God!”

  9. Pete,

    You can still write a fun story using the same idea. I’d actually started on another idea, then saw that Nova, and decided it was a lot cleaner for the kind of story I wanted to kick off The Chain Story. That was an interesting show, though, and chilling.

  10. I feel I must thank you for giving me and my childhood something to look forward to and for the enjoyment I get out of books. I absolutely lived for the X-Wing novels when I was younger. I was really into sports and Star Wars. I had two heroes during my childhood. Ozzie Smith and Corran Horn. I remember I even wrote you when I was about 11 years old and you responded (this was 13 years ago now). While I haven’t read everything you’ve written, you’ve had a major impact on what I seek out for novels.

    Again, I thank you for bringing books into my life.

  11. Um…I have to ask this question, just because I’m curious. You mentioned in your “email” section that you were declaring a moratorium on answering emails, due to the sheer volume of emails you were getting.

    Why not just set up a program to pick out say, a dozen emails each day, at random, and answer those? That way, you could continue to (somewhat) keep in contact with your fans, AND you would have some hope of getting some real work done.

  12. Bill,

    That’s an interesting idea, and would be great if you’re one of the folks who gets a reply. It sucks if you don’t. And in this day and age, when someone finds out their letter wasn’t selected, but someone else’s is (say five kids from the same English class write and one doesn’t win), I get an angry reader who won’t touch my stuff ever again. Not a career-builder.

    Because I hold weekly chats in Second Life, because I do lots of conventions, I co-host a podcast, and because I respond to questions like yours in comments, I do provide venues for direct interaction. While those venues may not work for everyone, I find them very productive and informative. I’m comfortable with them, and will explore new ways of reaching out in the future. Email, however, takes a bit more time than I want to commit to.

  13. I just wanted to drop you some praise and thanks. You’ve been one of my favorite authors since the Warrior trilogy (I know, I’m dating both of us by mentioning them.) and while I know that wasn’t the reason, I felt your work improved once you were doing your own world-building rather then working the Battletech and StarWars universes. That’s the praise- the thanks is for the information about self-publishing. I’m currently working on my first novel, and hadn’t really thought about the self-publishing route- thank you for some insight that will help me be better informed when I begin to figure out how to market my manuscript.

  14. I have loved your writing for years, I am glad to see you are busy and would like to know where to find conventions you might be attending in my area. I loved I, Jedi it is one of my favorite books written of all. I guess for me you don’t write a bad book or story, which is hard for me to find. Good Luck with the Talion idea I love it and love the book.

  15. Thomas Palmer 04. May, 2011 at 2:18 am

    My daughter got me hooked on your stories about 5 years ago. I would like to know if the Dragon Crown War Series will be offered in e-books as a complete set.

  16. Dear Mr. Stackpole,

    Just like to say that I’m a great fan of your books :). I have a copy of every printed english book – except “At The Queen’s Command” which I am having difficulty finding in my country.

    Looking forward to Talion : Nemesis. Have been reading Talion : Revenant for countless of times and eagerly anticipating Nolan’s adventures with his Fealereen friend and the princess of Hamis.

  17. Hi Mike,

    I just got out of your writing workshop, ’21 Days to Write a Novel’. I wanted to take a moment to thank you sincerely. I have not felt this motivated or empowered to put pen to paper since college. (Actually, I lied when I said that I just got out of your workshop, I had to take some time to do day one before I pulled up your website!)

    I will be keeping my eyes open and, if the writing class at ASU does go through, expect to see my name on the roster. I’ve got my fingers crossed!!

    Thanks so much and I look forward to seeing you again in July.

    PS- Any idea why Norton Antivirus blocked your website as malicious?

  18. May,

    I’m glad you enjoyed the class.

    Norton flags Stormwolf.com, but not michaelastackpole.com, despite it being the same site. I don’t know why. I’ve had other folks tell me they’ve called Norton and the problem no longer arises when they visit. I use Norton on my Mac and never get a warning.


  19. Just finished listening to your interview with Tracey Hickman. That’s got to be one of my favorite podcasts that you have done so far, and has encouraged me to keep doing what I’m doing.

  20. Mike,

    I live in Columbus, OH and very much wanted to go to the 2011 Origins game fair to speak with the authors there. However, for reasons too lengthy to discuss here, I was unable to attend so I hope you’ll humor me with a question I have.

    My situation is similar to the initial problem you had publishing Talion: Revenant. I am an unpublished author who has written a space opera around $250k words. Although common for the genre, I was told this was too lengthy for an unknown author so I split the novel into a Duology.

    Unfortunately I am still getting rejection letters….I’m sure you can see where this is going. Should I temporarily shelve the book like you did with Revenant (though hopefully not for 11 yrs) while I work on something shorter, or should I attempt to sell it as an ebook? I believe the book has the potential to be something big (think Vernor Vinge/A Fire Upon the Deep) and am afraid that trying to self-publish it at this juncture of my career would not garner the novel the attention it deserves.

    I’ve been reading almost everything on your site over the last few days, and have downloaded your podcasts onto my ipod (though it may take me a while to get through them all) and as a result have come to highly respect your knowledge on the publishing world(s), so any input you may have on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

    (I would also be interested in knowing where and when you hold your chats in Second Life. I had heard of the site a while back but know nothing about it, though that is slowly being rectified.)

  21. Tim,

    sorry you couldn’t make it to Origins.

    Yes, publish your book as an ebook. No reason not to.

    As for my location in second life, I’m there as Noble Charron. Come on in, send me a friend request, and I can give you a landmark for office hours, which are 6 PM pacific coast time on Wednesdays.

  22. Hi Mike,
    I wasn’t sure where to send this, but since I couldn’t find an email I figured this might work.
    I’m trying to order 2 books off the Stormwolf Shelf, 1 print and 1 ebook.
    When i try to calculate shipping costs to zip code 10038 in New York I get
    “Sorry, online ordering is unavailable to this destination and/or weight. Please double check your destination details.”

    Is it not possible to order books to New York? If it is, what am I doing wrong?

  23. We are still working on getting the mail module working. I will post a note when we do that. (changes on the post office side mean the plug in I was using no longer works.)

  24. Mike,
    I am having a problem trying to log in to your site a buy some of your Trick Molloy short stories. I put in my ID and password, but get told they don’t exist (this is on your website side) and when I try to use the same information on the stormwolf site, I am told they already exist and to choose a different email address. Please Help!

  25. The situation is this: the store install doesn’t use the same password/user name as the comments section of the blog. At least, I’m 99% sure that’s the problem. Just go ahead and place an order as if you don’t have an account and let it make a new one for you. The way the new system works, I think you’ll be remembered and not have to worry about it in the future. (Again, that’s my understanding of how this stuff works.) I hope that helps.

  26. Dear sr.

    I am writing to you because i would like to have your signature in my battletech books.

    I am from Spain,and for me is very difficult to go to any gencore.

    Its posible to send you my books,by current mail for you signature,with the money to send me back again?

    This it will be awesome.

    Thanks a lot por your attemption and sorry for my ugly english!

    All the best

  27. If you check the site, I have instructions on how to get me to sign things by mail. I’d be happy to sign as long as return postage coupons are included.

  28. Bought several of your e-books. There are a ton of typos and in a sig,e spell the first paragraph of the book isbefore the dedication.

    Love the books, butthe ebooks need better editing

  29. I wanted to let you know I really appreciate your conversations with me at Phoenix ComicCon and in your class on writing. Your website if also very helpful for keeping me focused. You told me that you are not a novelist until you actually complete a novel. I am glad to say my first book is out on Kindle and in print version. I won’t use your site to advertise the name, but I wanted to express my thanks for all your help and encouragement.

  30. Micheal,
    I wanted to let you know that something is going on with some of your Kindle editions on Amazon. Two of the Blood of Kerensky novels show up as unavailable? Although their page still exists?
    Thought you would like to know.


  31. I know about the BattleTech books being withdrawn. This is because of a dispute between the licensor (Topps) and authors who want to be paid for their use of our content.

  32. Was wondering if the weirun were based in any way on a shinto aspect?..just watched the japanland doc on PBS. Made me wonder.

  33. I just finished reading your short story “out there” and would like to know if there are anymore of your books that take place in the same universe?

  34. Out There is set in my Purgatory Station universe. I have a collection of the short stories available from my website or through Amazon and B&N. (I should be working on a sequel to that story soon, too.)

  35. The weirun weren’t based on a Shinto aspect per se. That whole idea is one that shows up all over the place in mythology and religion; I just chose to apply it as I did.

  36. I just finished reading “An Enemy Reborn.” I really enjoyed it! The story immediately pulled me in and wouldn’t let go. I have two questions: what you would say the proper pronunciation of Tsvortu is, and is there any continuation to the story? I plan to read the first book when I can find a copy, but I’m really curious if you ever gave Len’s new life a twist or two.

    Hope to hear from you,


  37. Tsvortu would be pronounced “tz/vor/2” with for rhyming with “four.”

    There never was a third volume because the publisher didn’t ask until my schedule was much too full, alas. Still, might be a fun place to go now that Wordfire is publishing the books again.


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