Awards and Honors

Michael A. Stackpole is a New York Times Best Selling author, an award-winning novelist, an award-winning editor, an award-winning game designer, an award-winning computer game designer, an award-winning comics writer, an award-winning podcaster, and an award-winning screenwriter.

New York Times Best Selling Novels:

    I, Jedi
    Rogue Squadron
    Wedge’s Gamble
    Krytos Trap
    Bacta War
    Isard’s Revenge
    Dark Tide: Onslaught
    Dark Tide: Ruin

Awards and Honors

    2006 Fade-In Award Grand Prize Winner – Gone (with Brian Pulido)
    2006 Parsec Award Best Writing Podcast – The Secrets Podcast
    2005 Arizona Republic Best of ArizonaThe Secrets Podcast
    2002 Origins Best NovelGhost War
    1998 Tops Magazine, Best of Star Wars – Best Comic Book Writer
    1998 Tops Magazine, Best of Star Wars Best Indiv. Comic Book (3rd) – The Making of Baron Fel
    1993 Academy of Adventure Gaming & Design – Hall of Fame Inductee
    1992 Gamer Magazine Best Game Fiction – Mage’s Blood and Old Bones
    1989 Computer Gaming World Best Adventure Game of the YearNeuromancer
    1988 Computer Gaming World Best Adventure Game of the YearWasteland
    1983 H.G. Wells Award – Best Roleplaying Adventure Game of the Year – City Book I
    1982 H.G. Wells Award – Best Roleplaying Adventure Game of the Year – Storm Haven

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