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Below are the links to Kindle ebook editions of some of my novels. If you are going to buy those novels to read on a Kindle device, or on the Kindle App for any other device (smart phone, iPod, iPad, tablet or computer), please clink on the link below to make your purchase. Your use of these links will help other authors and me collect data which will allow us to determine if ebook sales are being accurately reported to us. Your aid in this effort will give us the basis for reforming royalty reportage in the 21st Century, so “clerical errors” and business practices dating from the late 19th century don’t deprive authors of their due.

(Please bear in mind that unless authors are publishing their works for the Kindle themselves, they have no control over their pricing. For example: as of 4/10/2011, Cartomancy costs $1 more than either of the other two books in the trilogy. Why, I have no clue.)

8 Responses to “Amazon Associate Links”

  1. Hi Michael,

    There’s actually several more Battletech books released for the Kindle recently. I’m itching to pick them up, but don’t see them on your list here. I’m referring to books like Malicious Intent, Bred for War, and etc…

  2. I was wondering. Some of these links lead to Amazon pages that are not available. Should all of these be available in the US? Thanks for the advice.

  3. Those would be the BattleTech books, which have been withdrawn from sale by Topps because of a dispute with authors who, oddly enough, want to actually be paid royalties for their work.

  4. Hey Mike. I just purchased Talion: Revenant from B&N for my Nook. The formatting was bad on the book. Each paragraph continues right off the page. Thought you should know about this.

  5. Gavin,

    Thanks. I suspect you got a bad download. I tested the book on the Nook (and other platforms) and it works fine for me. No one else has reported the problem you mention to me (which doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist with others, but everyone else probably complained to B&N). If you download it again and still have the problem, let me know and I’ll figure something out.

  6. Mike,
    I would enjoy picking up The Dark Glory War and Fortress Draconis for my Kindle but cannot seem to find eBook copies for them. Anywhere I should look?

    Tom Kinnaird

  7. Tom,

    Those books don’t have ebook versions yet. I’m working on that, and will announce their availability when I’ve solved that problem.


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