Free Fiction

I’m happy to offer samples of work for your entertainment. I’ve created the following listing with the samples I currently have available. The selection will change from time to time.

Mysterious Ways

Mysterious Ways is the first Merlin Bloodstone novel. I’ve put some sample chapters up, with internal links so you can go from one to the other with ease.

Chapter One

Perfectly Invisible

Perfectly Invisible is the first of my Homeland Security Services novels, featuring Miracle Dunn. In this first book, Miracle joins the HSS team based out of New York City: Team Krait. Her first case involves a troubling double murder—two murders separated by a dozen years, and leads her down the the path of questioning many assumptions she’s held as true.

Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three

If you could like to purchase the book, please click the appropriate link below:
Barnes & Noble
or my own Stormwolf store (where both the Kindle and epub format (good for every other reader) are available in one package).

The Adventure of the Ghost Watch is the first of two short mystery stories featuring boy skeptic, Jack Card. The short stories combine the style of Encyclopedia Brown mysteries with my love for skepticism. They’re written with a younger reader in mind, but are still fun.

The Adventure of the Ghost Watch
The Crossed-wires Adventure

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