Signed Books

I am more than willing to autograph copies of books under the following conditions:

1) The autograph is not to be used as an excuse to jack the price of the book. I will always sign books for free, so if you see a signed book going for more precisely because it’s signed, buy an unsigned copy and get me to sign it, saving yourself some $$.

2) Send the books to me at Box 60333, Phoenix, AZ 85082-0333. Include a self-addressed, stamped envelope with sufficient postage to get back to you.

    >>Books to be returned outside the US should send either US postage or IRCs.
    >>Include an index card or piece of paper with the name of the person for whom the book is being signed. This should be legible. In the case of a gift, please include the inscription you want written in the book.
    >>Be patient. I hit the box every couple of weeks or so. Do NOT send the book return receipt requested because the package won’t be put in my box and if I hit it in the middle of the night, that requires a return trip, etc., which is something of a bother.
    >>Some folks send blank sticky labels to be signed and stuck in books, saving them the cost of sending the books and giving them autographs ahead of time for the subsequent books that come out. I will sign those labels.

3) I always sign books at conventions and at signings. It is perfectly acceptable to ask me to sign any novel even if the particular signing is for a new book. Some stores and conventions have a “3 books at a time” rule, so you might have to run through the line more than once, but I seldom have lines that are so long that this is a big time burner.