Email Moratorium

I’d like to thank everyone who has been so kind to send me e-mail notes about my books. Getting feedback like that is wonderful, and I really appreciate the time you’ve taken to write me. Knowing that folks are enjoying my work is the sort of thing that keeps me going when the writing gets tough. My goal is to never let you, my readers, down.

It’s because of that goal, however, that I’m declaring a moratorium on answering individual e-mails. I have to choose between disappointing any individual letter writer by not answering a letter, or disappointing readers and editors (and the folks to whom I owe money, like the bank) by not getting my work done. While answering any individual letter might not take that much time all by itself, e-mail has been taking up a larger and larger portion of my time. While I love the feedback, the fact is that the sort of letters that urge me to continue writing are now soaking up the time that I use for writing.

In constructing my web page here I’ve really tried to put up all the things that most folks want when asked to do research via the Internet for school. I think this material should meet 99% of the needs for book reports and the like. I also have the sample interview and, if one wants to do the research, you can find other interviews or chat logs online. I do, from time to time, participate in the newsgroup. The folks there are knowledgable about my Star Wars work, and some of my other books. Leaving questions there for me will work, with your answers probably coming faster from other folks on the group than they will from me.

I apologize for having to pull back from e-mail, but what I really love about writing is, well, writing cool stories. Forced to choose between that and answering e-mails, well there’s really not that much choice. If I change this policy, I’ll certainly post a note about it on the site.

One additional note: Please don’t ask Aaron Allston or any of the other writers out there to forward your letters to me. Their job, like mine, is to write.