Glenn Beck Calls His Wife An Adulterous Slut

In a comment about President Obama’s over-exposure in the media, talk show host Glenn Beck said the following:

“We just didn’t see [President Obama] enough. … The man was everyplace. The only place he didn’t show up in was my bedroom to personally talk to my wife and make sweet love to her. At least I don’t think he did. I’m pretty sure that was John Edwards doing that, but I’m not sure because so far John Edwards is denying it.”

Let me forestall accusations that I’m a knee-jerk liberal who doesn’t understand that Beck was being funny.

Not true. I know he was being deliberately hyperbolic. (Tea-bagger translation: over the top.)

I know he was trying to be funny.

But, you know, it isn’t funny. And I’m not talking about taking a shot at John Edwards for adultery. Everyone has done that; and we’ve taken shots at plenty of figures on the left and right, from Newt Gingrich and Mark Sanford, John McCain, David Vitter and Rudi Guiliani to JFK and Elliot Spitzer. Politicians can’t keep it in their pants. Fine. Got it. And some of them clearly have *screwed* their brains out. Got that, too. And most of them like *screwing* us and bending over for their corporate masters. Check. As a class, shots at them are not only easy, but fair and even necessary.

As Mark Twain noted back in 1888:

No god and no religion can survive ridicule. No church, no nobility, no royalty or other fraud, can face ridicule in a fair field and live.

I get the cleansing power of ridicule. Pour it on.

But how is it funny, for Beck, on national television, to suggest his wife has been getting stud service from John Edwards? (And I won’t even begin to touch the whole hint of Mandigo-racism in the suggestion that President Obama is doing her. Hello KKK nightmare, where’s the sheets, get a rope, find a tree.)

It’s not funny at all.

It is grossly disrespectful of someone Beck purportedly loves, who supports him, makes a home for him. This is a man who weeps because of the decay he sees in the nation, and yet he thinks its funny to suggest his wife has the morals of an alley cat? (Yes, equating someone who would sleep with John Edwards to an alley cat does insult alley cats, my apologies.) (By the way, my last parenthetical, that was funny.)

The reason I point this out is not because I assume Glenn Beck will notice or care. He won’t. I point it out because the man has a lot of influence with a segment of our population. He motivates them. And if he is so caught up in being Glenn Beck, that he is willing to denigrate and publicly humiliate his own wife simply to feed his own ego and rev up his followers, one has to ask if there is a line he won’t cross? Because if there isn’t, if there are no brakes there, and, in an effort to be “funny” he lets slip something that one of his followers sees as a command, some serious damage could be done.

Am I being hyperbolic in that suggestion? I hope to Heaven I’m not, but see if this scenario could hold water for you: a listener so reveres Glenn, that he hears this joke as Glenn calling out to him, telling him that Glenn’s wife has violated the sanctity of their marriage bed. Might that individual not see it as his duty to defend the honor of his champion? Face it, folks have been shot to defend the honor of crack-whores and sports figures, and Beck inspires a lot more passion than either of those classes. One whack-job with a pistol reading into Glenn’s little call out, and the self-proclaimed “rodeo clown” might really have something to weep about.

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11 Responses to “Glenn Beck Calls His Wife An Adulterous Slut”

  1. Wow, sorry, Micheal, but there are many, many things wrong in thise post. First, you trot out a homophobic epthitet to describe slightly over half-the-country now in an pretty blatant attempt to emotionally smear anyone who disagrees with you.

    Second, you insert a charge of RACISM into Beck’s motives here based on no other reason that it’s Obama as ONE of the two people he’s talking about.

    Third, you take a tasteless joke about Edward’s infidelity (which apparently you have no problem with) in regards to his own wife. Tasteless, yes, not really funny, but hardly the equivalent of calling his wife a ‘whore’, as you outright state.

    And now you’re going to follow it all up with an assertion that Beck’s audience is so violent that someone listening to him will murder his wife over this joke.

    Wow. This says FAR more about you than it does Beck. In even the most liberal bastion in this nation, nearly a third of the people are STILL conservative.. oh, my, how does the world survive with such racist, violent, mysogynists causing all these problems.

    Unless, of course, none of it is really true, and you really should get out more. Just a thought.

  2. Neale, Take a deep breath. You need more oxygen going to your brain.

    The “homophobic epithet” was the use of the term tea-bagger, I believe, which is what much of Beck’s conservative followers tagged themselves.

    To your second point: I said I wouldn’t inject a point about racism, so clearly I didn’t. You’ll notice that I also didn’t take Beck to task for suggesting that President Obama was an adulterer which, at this point in time, is an allegation for which Mr. Beck has no evidence.

    Third: you assert that I apparently have no problem with John Edwards’ infidelity. Either you completely misread my comments about politicians, their infidelities, and the need for ridicule to put them in their places -OR- you wish to be a psychic and read my mind. I hope it’s not the latter because you’re really bad as a psychic.

    You and I agree, Beck’s joke was Tasteless. Utterly tasteless.Disgusting, in fact.

    Fourth, I did not assert that one of Beck’s followers would murder his wife. I merely asked if it was conceivable, in the minds of readers, that an unbalanced individual might, in fact, misinterpret something said by a pundit and take action that is unwanted and horrible. We all know the answer to that is yes.

    As for your assertion that I should get out more, I’ll put this down to your passion for your conservative world view. Until such a time as you know enough about me to have grounds to assert I lack the experience to make informed and reasonable decisions, you would do well to confine your arguments to the facts presented in my essays, and leave the personal comments aside.

  3. Dustin Hurley 26. Jan, 2010 at 8:35 pm

    Beck’s joke was dumb, plain and simple.
    But I’m sure if you think back real hard, you might just recall something equally dumb that slipped out of your mouth. (Possibly the quote about you beating a movie producer within an inch of his life?) C’mon. I know you didn’t mean that literally. And we both know that Beck didn’t either. Stupidity crosses party lines, as you pointed out. Keith Olberman brands people “The Worst Person in the World!” I sure hope some Olbermaniac doesn’t get any ideas!

  4. Dustin Hurley 26. Jan, 2010 at 8:59 pm

    One more thing…
    As to your point about “unbalanced individuals”, I’m sure you’re not suggesting that such people don’t exist among liberals. I seem to recall certain individuals hanging effigies of Sarah Palin. Really nice…

  5. Dustin, I think you’re missing my point. My saying I would beat a movie producer within an inch of his life wasn’t in any way denigrating him as a person. Beck, presumably, loves his wife. To make her part of a tasteless joke is, as you put it, dumb.

    And, at no point, did I suggest there weren’t whackoids on the left. However, when we compare violence between Americans of either political persuasion, hardcore right wingers have a much nastier record (especially recently) than leftists. I’d be more than happy with folks being burned in effigy, especially if it is an alternative to someone waltzing into the Holocaust Museum and opening fire, or guys opening fire on cops in Ohio or Washington state, or guys hooking blacks or gays to the back of a pick-up truck and dragging them along for a mile or two.

    And, for the sake of clarity, I am not suggesting Glenn Beck fans are going to be prompted to do things by his pronouncements. However, I will say that those who are inclined to do such things often count themselves among the mass that believe Beck is spouting the truth.

  6. Dustin Hurley 26. Jan, 2010 at 9:58 pm

    You’re generalizing. By that way of thinking, fans of certain types of rock music and ethnic backgrounds could be lumped in that category. But hey, as long as you call out liberals when they do stupid stuff (such as bomb-throwing for the Weather Underground) then it’s all ok.
    Sidenote: Even though his violent actions are well in the past, Bill Ayers has yet to show any remorse for what he did. In fact, he’s stated the opposite.

  7. And another thing!!! I’m STILL going to buy At the Queen’s Command, and I have every intention to enjoy the hell out of it! So there! Please don’t allow a small thing like misguided political beliefs keep you from churning out The Good Stuff! (LOL)

  8. Well, I really like peoples work in different industries until I see what they are like politically, then it kind of ruins it for me. Like Green Day, Danny Glover, etc… Ah well, I will still enjoy the books, You are one of the most excellent writers I have ever had the pleasure to read.

  9. Well as far as indirect, non violent deaths, Rachel Carson and the environmentalists have Cons beat by millions with the ban of DDT…

  10. You’d probably cut him some slack if he were a friend of yours. I’m not saying you’d approve; you probably would tell your friend that the joke wasn’t funny.
    But I doubt you’d get riled up enough to blog about it.
    Bad joke. Okay, fine. He does an hour show five days a week. It can’t all be gold.
    I’m just commenting on what you wrote; I don’t even watch his show, so I can’t judge that.

  11. I think this post and comments are a great example of a symptom in this country. Beck and Limbaugh and their ilk spew so much vitriol at people personally, rather than their actions or ideas, and this is also what I see here in the comments.

    Mike posted about something he saw and did not attack anyone involved on a personal level, but commented on their actions, and was in turn attacked on a personal level:

    “misguided beliefs”
    As if Mike’s life experiences that contributed to his point of view are somehow invalid because they don’t match yours.

    “environmentalists… [killed] …millions with the ban of DDT”
    As if there is some tally going for people killed by left-leaning and right-leaning ideas. And as if there is any way to know if more people would be dead now from the cumulative effects of so much DDT exposure.

    “[Beck would] get slack if Mike was a friend of his”
    As if friendship is a pass for offensive remarks. I would call my best friend on a comment like that.

    So many people no longer learn how to argue, that is, how to present arguments designed to showcase a point in an effort to sway an opponent to a different way of thinking. Nowadays in America it seems like it’s all about scoring points and personal attacks rather than gaining support by making logical arguments and being persuasive.