21 Days To a Novel

I know it’s taken forever, but I finally finished 21 Days To a Novel. I’d promised to turn it out as a stand-alone book back when I was running that sequence of podcasts in The Secrets, and it’s just taken me a bit longer to get it done than it should have. Something about writing and Second Life and, well, life that got in the way.

But, now it’s available in our store for $20. Just click on the image above and you’ll get taken right there.

21 Days To a Novel comprises a series of exercises spread out over 21 days (though you could do it all much more quickly) which will set you up for the success you want. You work through characterization, world building, dialogue, description and plotting—using methods adapted from how I’ve worked throughout my twenty-year career. There’s no hocus-pocus, waiting-on-the-muse-to-inspire here; it’s all practical advice that will push you and your work forward. Once you complete the exercises, you’re ready to go, and will have enough material that your novel won’t peter out after 20 pages or 20 chapters.

Just last week I gave a two hour class using this series of exercises for a packed house in a local bookstore. I took great joy in watching light-bulbs going off above so many heads. My students finally had a trail blazed that could get them through the forest and to the end of their novels. This booklet, and these exercises, will put you in that same position.

21 Days To a Novel. Give yourself a running start, and make that jump to being the kind of writer you’ve always hoped you’d become.

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