Star Wars™ Celebration V

A number of very nice people have asked if I will be attending the Star Wars Celebration V (August 12-15 in Orlando). In the past I’ve heard rumors that I’ve been spotted at other Celebrations, or that I was going to be the guest of honor at some group or other’s party. Having attended conventions I know exactly how those sorts of rumors get started. While I’m confident they are quite innocent, what starts as a “wouldn’t it be cool if…” conversation between a couple of folks becomes a fact overheard by others, and a disappointment in the minds of yet others. That sort of disappointment, when translated to blogs, turns into, “And then there was the author who was too full of himself to actually show up at this party where he’d promised to be…”

In short, I won’t be at Celebration V.

There are a number of reason for this.

1) I’ve never been invited to any of the Celebrations. I don’t say this in any sort of snit or fit of pique. The Celebrations—wonderful events by all accounts—are a business venture. Lucasfilm brings in their guests, publishers bring in their guests, others bring in their guests. While I’d love to attend, it’s kind of silly for anyone to bring me into the show when I don’t have any new Star Wars related projects in the works.

2) It’s been suggested that I could go “just as a fan.” While I’m certainly a fan of Star Wars, I really couldn’t go to the Celebration as just a fan because I’m not just a fan. I’m sure I’d have a great time, but I’m also sure that some well-meaning bloggers would protest, on my behalf, about how it wasn’t right that I was being treated as “just a fan” by the Celebration. That would embarrass me, Lucasfilm and likely create some hard feelings where none need to be created.

3) My travel schedule has already been set for a while, and is very intensive during the summer. (I live in Phoenix, so getting out of town during the hot, muggy monsoon season is not a virtue, it’s a survival strategy.) I’ll be at Gencon the week before Celebration V, and at DragonCon over Labor Day. Squeezing another convention in there would guarantee I got no work done in August. On top of that, I’d be out of pocket at least $1K to attend and my boss (me) doesn’t let me accrue vacation days. The conventions I attend are not vacations, they are work, and by teaching writing classes at them, I actually make money—or, at least, break even.

4) I am likewise certain I’d see lots of friends at Celebration V, but I see most of them at a variety of other conventions. Anyone who was hoping I’d be at Celebration V so they could get a book signed, you have two options. First, you can find me at local shows (I do a lot of conventions each year) or hit this link and learn how to send me a book/card/comic to get it signed.

One point I want to be very clear about: I’m not asking, hinting, suggesting, scheming or otherwise angling to get an invite to Celebration VI or such down the road. The folks who run the show know how to reach me if they feel having me attend would serve their purposes. I fully understand, as I said above, business considerations are how the decisions are made. Heck, if I were running the show, I’d not be asking me to attend. Looking at it in terms of profit and loss, my being there makes no sense at all.

I know everyone who attends will have a wonderful time. That’s very cool. But, when you’re there, if you hear rumors of me being spotted, understand them for what they are: wishful thinking; and have fun without me.

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11 Responses to “Star Wars™ Celebration V”

  1. Mike – the real problem is with the last sentence of reason #1 “I don’t have any new Star Wars related projects in the works.” They need to wise-up and hand you a blank check so you can write in the Star Wars universe again. It would less painful to have George Lucas kick me in the family jewels then to read of one particular author who is currently on their roster. Say the word and I’ll organize a camping to start sending Lincoln Logs (or some other pole shaped object that stacks) to Sue R.

  2. Mike,

    Sadly – I live in Florida and won’t make it to SWCV either, but I’ve been meaning to drop you a line to let you know that Ken and I will be (are you ready for this?) running anime events at Gen Con next month.

    We’ll have to meet up for drinks while in the same town again.


  3. Jennifer Lloyd 22. Jul, 2010 at 2:31 pm

    I was wondering if you’d make an appearance at CV and now you make a blog post about it! Haha. Sad to hear you won’t be attending but I understand your reasoning. I totally understand the “too many cons” thing…I had to skip out on SDCC this year because of CV. I weighed my options and figured that attending the con that happens every three years should win out over the one that happens every year.

    But since I’m in Phoenix…and you’re local…and there’s Phoenix ComicCon and other events…I’m confident we’ll meet in person again. 🙂

  4. Totally understandable Mike, but I hope you won’t begrudge having a beer in your honor(or to your unfortunate absence as it were) none the less.

  5. Sam,

    I would never begrudge anyone a beer, hoisted in my honor or otherwise. Go, have fun—as I am confident you will. 🙂

  6. Jennifer,

    Have fun at CV. Take notes. We’ll get together at some point and you can give me an after-action report!

  7. Tom, sounds like a good deal. On the floor I’ll be at the GAMA booth, or they’ll have a vague idea of where I am. It would be great to get together.

  8. Brad, while I appreciate the sentiment, that’s not really Sue’s decision. The publishers, quite rightly, have their own stable of writers (books and comics) who they want to give a chance to play in the Star Wars universe. Who am I to begrudge them that opportunity? Heck, it was a dream come true for me. I’ve had my turn, so I’m good. Now, if something comes up and someone decides I’d be good to work on it, that’s great. They all know where to find me. If my schedule works out with theirs, we are good to go.

  9. It’s a pity you won’t be writing any more Star Wars books. Like others who’ve commented on this blog, I am a great fan of the Rogue/Wraith Squadron books, which I re-read regularly. I don’t re-read the other earlier SW books, and The New Jedi Order books leave me cold.

    So, I just read your books again. 😉

  10. Shane Ridenour 03. Aug, 2010 at 6:54 pm

    As stated by many other people, I completely agree you are the best Star Wars author. I own and have read almost every novel published for the Star Wars univers and whenever anyone asks which ones are the best I reply the ones wrote by you. I hope the forces in motion change to see fit for you to write in the Star Wars universe again. I will have to just keep my fingers crossed.

  11. This is definitely bad news. I just don’t understand why Lucasfilm wouldn’t invite ALL of it’s all-star authors, be it past or present? I mean come on, the X-wing series is still selling in bookstores. I have a gripe with this. Keep up the good work Mike!