Gencon Schedule

I’ll be at Gencon in Indianapolis next week, teaching my writing classes, doing a reading, and some autographing sessions, just hanging out and having a bunch of fun with friends and colleagues. My schedule looks like this:

Thursday 8/5:

10-12 Noon Signing (At the Catalyst Game Labs booth)
4 PM The Rules of Writing
5 PM Writing Success in the Post-Paper Era

Friday 8/6:

10 AM Signing (Author’s Alley)
4 PM 21 Days to a Novel
5 PM Writing a Successful Series (*New* seminar this year.)
6 PM: Reading (Not sure yet what I will read. Could be the story Covenant, from the anthology Stalking the Wild Hare, which will be on sale at the convention. It’s a collection of stories by the authors involved in the Writers’ Symposium, which Jean Rabe wrangles together. It’s a limited edition, and Gencon is going to be the place where you can get it signed by all the authors.)

Saturday 8/7:

2:15-2:45 PM Signing (At the Catalyst Game Labs booth, prior to their big 3-5 PM BattleTech Blowout signing.)
3 PM Characterization
4 PM Plotting
5 PM 21 Ways to Kill Your Novel(*New* seminar this year.)

Sunday 8/8:

10 AM Signing (Author’s Alley)

I know I have at least one more signing at the Catalyst Game Labs booth (I’m trying to confirm the time). I’ll edit this post as the schedule firms up. [Note: signing added to Thursday 10-12 noon and another, Saturday 2:15-2:45 PM prior to the 3-5 PM mass BattleTech signing.]

I believe all of the seminars will be taking place at the Marriott, which is where they usually are. You’ll want to check the program book to make sure. The seminars all cost $8, payable in tickets, generics, and cash.

I will also have all of my ebooks on writing for sale on disk, including some special deals. The coolest of these is the big deal this year: all of the how-to-write books (21 Days to a Novel, Plotting, Characterization, The Rules of Writing, Writing Fiction (a short course), Serial Fiction, World Building and the brand new Digital Career Guide) which is a $170 value, for $140. Plus, I have packaged all of these ebooks on a 4 gig flash drive, which is disguised as a pen. It not only writes, but also has a laser pointer. That’s a $25 device (you can actually pay more for the 4 gig flash drive itself) tossed in for free.

Okay, I know it’s totally a geek-gadget, but I saw them when looking for flash drives and they look great. (I might have a few left at Dragoncon.) Given that 4 gigs is more memory than my first five computers combined could muster, I just love these pens. Did I mention they have a laser pointer, too? When do you not need a laser pointer?

I’m really looking forward to Gencon and the classes. I always have a lot of fun with them. As I saw when teaching in Austin this week with Aaron Allston, it’s great to watch folks’ eyes brighten as a problem with their writing evaporates. I really enjoy training writers who will turn out the sorts of stories that will challenge and entertain readers. Means I’ll have plenty of good stuff to read when they put me out of business.

I look forward to seeing you there.

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6 Responses to “Gencon Schedule”

  1. Thanks for posting the schedule, Mike. I’m glad to see that Characterization and Plotting are on Saturday. Those are the two seminars I definitely want to attend, and my boss is threatening to keep me in Columbus until Friday… so it’s conceivable I might not get to Gen Con until late Friday night.

    Anyone interested in the writing seminars at Gen Con should definitely check yours out. I’ve had the good fortune of attending your 21 Days to a Novel, The Rules of Writing, Plotting, Writing a Successful Series, and 21 Ways to Kill Your Novel. They’re all very valuable and all complementary, with little or no redundancy across the seminars. It’s like getting a Master’s level course in fiction writing!

    I’m going to pack a little extra cash to pick up your flash drive collection, even though I have some of it already. I know it will be worth the money, even WITHOUT the flash drive, pen, and laser pointer functionality tossed in.

    And you were right when you mentioned at Origins that these seminars help you sell books. Since meeting you at Origins 2009, I’ve bought “I, Jedi” (great book), Kid Binary (finished reading last night), and Talion Revenant (working on now) along with your various writing guides. I’ve also picked up a couple of Aaron Allston’s books after seeing him at Origins this year. (Loved his “Doc Sidhe” novel!)

    I’m looking forward to seeing you at Gen Con, and (as always) thank you for sharing your time and knowledge with us.

  2. Just curious where we can get ahold of Stalking the Wild Hare if we’re not attending the con.


  3. I believe the book will be available through some online outlets. Each of the authors in the book have purchased a number of copies to sell. I would guess that if they have any leftover from the convention, they’ll make them available on websites or at other conventions. If I have any left over, and there is interest, I may list it here on my page.

  4. Elizabeth Poole 28. Aug, 2010 at 10:29 am

    I will be attending Dragon*Con next week, and I was wondering if you were planning on posting your schedule there as well?

    After reviewing what the other comments have to say about your and Mr. Allston’s courses (all glowing reviews) I just went ahead and prepaid for the entire three days. 😀 I am super excited, especially since I loved I, Jedi.

    I was also wondering if you were planning on selling your package of ebooks on how-to-write with the flash drive at Dragon*Con as well? I read that and started to salivate. I also budgeted to buy the set just in case my dreams become a reality, and plan on trying to buy it as soon as possible, just in case you’re low on supplies. I can’t wait to see you there!

  5. I was just perusing the schedule for GenCon and found one of your events and am very interested in attending. So I checked your post here to see what other seminars you would be running and saw that the times are different from what I found on the GenCon site. Which should I go by? 🙁 I don’t want to miss anything!

  6. Jessica, Always trust the site book at Gencon over anything I may have posted here. (Especially since I’ve not posted my schedule here, yet. )