Aaron Allston and I will be teaching an expanded track of Inner Circle Writer Workshop Classes at DragonCon over the Labor Day weekend. Last year was our first year. Our program was so successful, they’ve had to move us to a larger venue. (We’ll have enough chairs this year—without raiding other rooms.) You can either purchase the entire 14 hours worth of classes at one bargain price, or pay ala carte. The link above takes you to the convention page which lists all of the classes.

I will also have all of my ebooks on writing for sale on disk, including some special deals. The coolest of these is the big deal this year: all of the how-to-write books (21 Days to a Novel, Plotting, Characterization, The Rules of Writing, Writing Fiction (a short course), Serial Fiction, World Building and the brand new Digital Career Guide) which is a $170 value, for $140. Plus, I have packaged all of these ebooks on a 4 gig flash drive, which is disguised as a pen. It not only writes, but also has a laser pointer. That’s a $25 device (you can actually pay more for the 4 gig flash drive itself) tossed in for free.

Okay, I know it’s totally a geek-gadget, but I saw them when looking for flash drives and they look great.Given that 4 gigs is more memory than my first five computers combined could muster, I just love these pens. Did I mention they have a laser pointer, too? When do you not need a laser pointer?

These pens were popular enough at Gencon that I’ve restocked. You have a choice of two colors this time: Silver or Black. (Limited quantities of each, I apologize if your color choice is gone by the time you buy.)

I also have one seminar on the Skeptic Track: Fiction Writing and Skepticism at 7pm on Friday. I usually have a reading, but I don’t know when that is yet. Ditto a signing. (I’ll have a few copies of I, Jedi to sell, and a few other things, at the signing.) I may have some other panels, but I won’t know until I get there. DragonCon prints my schedule on the back of my tag and it usually goes on forever. (Other guests look at what they have me doing and the blood drains from their faces.)

I’m really looking forward to this convention. DragonCon is always great fun. Lots of friends to see and things to enjoy. I can’t wait.

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4 Responses to “DragonCon”

  1. Brenda Huettner 30. Aug, 2010 at 4:15 pm

    I really wish I could get to this one – So far, I’ve only attended your one short class at Phoenix Comic-con, would love to see more! Guess it will have to wait until you’re back here in Arizona.

  2. Sorry I wasn’t there to minion for you this time! …I was in Hawaii 😀

  3. Mike it was a pleasure meeting you (at the Catalyst Game Labs booth, day 4 of the Con). I’m the short bearded stocky fellow that wants to start writing. I found your site and wanted to thank you again for taking the time, along with Phaedra, to give me some sights to check and encouragement.
    I look forward to taking your seminars at the next Dragon*Con.

  4. I attended two of your sessions: 21 Days to a Novel and Plotting. Both were VERY helpful. I look forward to coming to more next year. 🙂