The Next Step Collection

The Next Step collection

A lot of people are just finishing up NaNoWriMo or are looking ahead to 2011 as the year when they get their novel in publishable shape, so they can take the plunge into the world of publishing. I really understand that dream, and I want to help people realize it. This is one of the reasons why I teach classes at conventions, and why I offer so much in the way of how-to instructional material.

Now I want to make it easier and more affordable for you.

The Next Step collection is fully described below, but here’s the important part. It’s $141.00 worth of my writing materials and classes, and I’m offering it for $100. But, if you use the coupon code “next,” on Monday, 22 November, you’ll get 50% off. You’ll get the entire package for $50.

Why am I making this offer now?

It’s become readily apparent to me that, in the words of Dana Stabenow, publishing is “the Wild West” all over again. Dean Wesley Smith has said that this is the best time ever for being a writer. Talented writers deserve a chance to succeed. I want to lend a helping hand to guide writers through the coming chaos, enabling them to write the best stories they can, and to experience the success they deserve.

This offer isn’t going to be around forever. I’ll be retiring this package in January. If you truly have the desire and drive to make 2011 the year you start your writing career, this is your starting point. And if you buy on Monday, you get one heck of a bonus.


The Next Step Collection

The Next Step Collection is designed to provide you material now and moving into the future that will help you realize that dream of being the best writer you can possibly be. Whether you want to take your National Novel Writing Month project and maximize it’s potential, or you have an idea for a series of novels that you plan to write over the next decade, this collection of instructional material will share with you the secrets that guarantees your work will stand out from the crowd.

The Rules of Writing lays out twenty rules which it takes years for most writers to learn on their own. Not only are they great guidelines to follow while writing, but they are a superior set of diagnostic tools. They’ll point out problem areas and provide solutions to them.

Writing Fiction: A Short Course is eight lessons prepared for Arizona State University covering everything from characterization to plotting. Included in this package are three short stories which are used as examples in the course work. This is a lot of high-power information full of examples of a writer at work, showing how he makes his work professional and tight.

Serial Fiction is a how-to manual for setting up a series, with special attention paid to characterization within a series and how to plot the modern mystery. This guide will make sure your series doesn’t burn out and continues to generate reader loyalty as you move forward.

The Characterization Collection of issues from The Secrets pulls together issues covering the basics and many intermediate techniques for creating characters. Creating great characters is the single most important thing a writer must do to have a career. This collection provides a solid foundation for doing just that.

The Digital Career Guide provides you with an expansive and extensive battle plan for setting up a career that will thrive in the digital age. The goal is to make certain that you are profitable from your writing. It explores the sorts of things you need to write, the ways you can hype your work, and the business basics that will put you on a solid financial footing—something most writers never achieve.

The Secrets Volume Six is a collection of the issues in the current subscription volume, plus a subscription going forward to issue 150. (Current subscribers who buy this package will have their subscription extended to issue 175.) The Secrets provides ongoing instruction in writing, and insights into the current issues and opportunities in writing today. With this subscription, you’ll be fully informed about what you need to be doing to become the success you dream about.

All of these items, if purchased separately, would cost $141. This package is being offered for $100 for a very short time.

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One Response to “The Next Step Collection”

  1. Thanks in no small way to the publications included in this collection (all of which I have), combined with 21 Days to a Novel, I’ve managed to win NaNoWriMo two years running now. After what I learned from you this year at the conventions, The Secrets, and the material in the flash pen, I completed this year’s NaNoWriMo with plenty of time to spare and the resulting story is far better than last year’s. I have learned a lot from you the last two years and encourage others with an interest in writing to check your materials out. There is plenty of good, practical, and useful advice throughout.