My Fall Writing Classes

Back in college I was training to be a teacher, not a writer. Down through the years, I’ve gotten to be a good writer and I’ve been lucky enough to get to teach classes about writing. I do them all the time at Gencon. At Origins and DragonCon, I team up with Aaron Allston to teach classes. (Click on this link to see our class listing for DragonCon 2011.)

This fall, through Arizona State University’s Piper Writer’s Studio, I’ll be teaching two four-week classes, which combine into one eight-week program. I am incredibly excited about these courses. I’ve been working on this course idea for over a year, looking for an opportunity to get committed students and work them through the program.

The goal is this: to go from word one to making money off the Internet in eight short weeks.

That’s it: Eight weeks of two hour long sessions once a week, that will take you from beginning concept through developing the skills that will let you finish the story and edit it into professional shape, then provide you the tools to be able to offer that work for sale over the Internet and to promote your work. The classes will be combined lecture and lab, with the students getting to work with me to make their work the best they can. The class is severely limited in size, with plenty of time for interaction.

This is an opportunity like no other. I get dozens of requests weekly for me to read over stories and offer comments. My answer is always the same: I can’t, unless there is a contract in place—like the contract for teaching a class like this. And, frankly, what I’d charge hourly for this sort of work isn’t even close to what students will be paying to take the class. More importantly, if you’ve been reading this blog and have read my work, you know that I know the subject matter extremely well. And if you’ve taken any of my classes at conventions or other venues, you know I actually know how to teach the subject.

This is the place where I get to tell you that (cue cheesy voice over) hundreds of writers have paid far more to get much less. (voice over off) It’s true. Heck, some of the folks offering classes on this subject matter have learned everything they know from me. I can count on the fingers of one hand the few I’d actually trust to take you on this same journey—which will cover both the writing side of the equation and the business side of the deal. I don’t believe there’s anyone who’s taken one of my classes who doesn’t feel they got more than their money’s worth.

The other cool thing about this class is that I will work on a book at the same time, committing myself to the same journey each of the students will make. We’ll push through all this together, so you get to see how things work—both for me, and for yourself. You’ll discover what makes you comfortable as a writer, and how to stretch yourself and grow into areas where you’re not so comfortable. It will be a bit more intensive than NaNoWriMo, and you’ll come out of it a much more complete writer.

The only prerequisites for this class (aside from being able to be on campus for the sessions) are these: a belief that your writing is good enough to entertain others; a desire to make your writing the best it can be; and a willingness to embrace new methods and technologies that will come to dominate the emerging world of digital publishing. After eight weeks you’ll come through not only a better writer, but a writer who is being paid for his work—an immediate return on your investment in this class.

I’m unbelievably excited about this opportunity. I know this class will succeed at kickstarting professional careers. I love teaching and especially love helping people succeed. The fact that we’ll be doing things which traditional publishers say can’t be done just makes it that much sweeter.

Please, join me at the Piper Writers Studio for what will be a life-changing experience. In eight weeks, you can attain your dreams.

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9 Responses to “My Fall Writing Classes”

  1. I would LOVE to be able to participate in this, but being in Seattle, that would be difficult. Any chance of you organizing an online course?!

  2. Ditto to what Heather said!

  3. Guys, have you bothered reading the link to the course? “Four-week online courses are also available.”

  4. Sounds like a great class, Mike. You’re students will be on the fast-track to success.

  5. Oh man! If only Arizona wasn’t so far away.

  6. Marcel, alas, this class is not available online. (Though ASU’s online classes are top flight.)

  7. My bad. I assumed the two 4-week courses mentioned there were online.

  8. I see I’m not the only one hoping for an online version of the class. Hopefully you’ll think of letting us commute via skype some time in the future.

  9. As someone who has attended just about every (if not every) seminar topic you’ve done at Origins or Gen Con, I envy those who will be able to spend 8 weeks learning from you. I’m certain the education will be valuable. Wish I could swing the time off.

    You should consider taping the class (if you’re allowed) or producing a webinar version of it. I suspect you’d sell enough of them to make it worthwhile.

    I’ve gotten a lot out of all the 1-hour convention seminars. I can’t imagine how much value there’d be in a 8-week class!