IOS 5 iCal to IOS Device and iCloud Event Syncing

Please forgive the Mac/IOS 5 neepery here, but I ran into a problem using the iCloud service to move data from iCal, the calendar program on the Mac, to iCloud and down to my iPad. Specifically, while events created at the iCloud website or on my iPad would appear on iCal on my laptop, items created on my laptop would not go in the other direction.

Very frustrating.

I checked the Apple support forums and a lot of other users were having the same problem. So, I started playing around with things and found the simple solution.

When you create an event in iCal, you are offered a choice of calendars to assign it to. With the new system software in place, that list of calendars has added a new set, which duplicates all your other calendars (or at least the ones you set up in iCal). This new set is listed under iCloud.

When you create a new event in iCal, it defaults to the calendars which are native to your Mac. If you choose, instead, the matching calendar from the iCloud list, the event migrates up to the cloud and down to your IOS device seamlessly.

I hope this helps!


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2 Responses to “IOS 5 iCal to IOS Device and iCloud Event Syncing”

  1. Mike,

    Yea I ran into this awhile back with MobileMe. Apple changed calendar to Cloud based iCal way back (probably Snow Leopard)

    I noticed that my calendar was out of sync or some entries were missing. Also noticed that entries made on my IOS devises did not show up on my Desktop calendar.

    To make matters even more complicated I use a product call BusyCal for my calendars and I thought that was messed up.

    But I researched it and figured out that Apple was moving calendar to the Cloud but you can still have Local calendars on your desktop.

    Once I went through the conversion process everything was fine.

    I think Apple just didn’t communicate this change very well.


  2. Maybe this is a sideways way to accomplish the same thing, but I’ve found using google calendars to work well across all of my i-devices. The one bonus I get with it (which might exist if you have a mobile me account, which I might have but don’t use) is if I lose all my devices and am at a different computer than normal, I can still pull up my google calendar via the web.

    I only just figured this out in the last 2-3 months and I have to say it’s life-altering to have ANYTHING I add to ANY calendar at ANY time sync to ALL devices. Crazy that it took this long, but now I can’t imagine living without this.