The Grand History

The Grand History

Kassie Klaybourne’s work setting up immediate downloads is letting me do something very cool.

The Grand History is a history of the DragonCrown War world commissioned by King Augustus of Alcida at the time corresponding to the opening of Fortress Draconis. Presented in chapters, The Grand History provides everything the Royal Alcidese Geographical Society can compile about the world: generally known facts, rumors, scandals and secrets. It’s written by people in the world, expressing their understanding and biases about the world.

This project is a lot of fun to be working on. It’s giving me a chance to play again in the DragonCrown War world. Reading Fortress Draconis in for the podcast is reminding me of all sorts of cool stuff I had buried in there. Whenever a writer works on a series, there’s tons of notes and developmental stuff that never makes it into the books. The Grand History is a chance for me to lay that material out so you can fill in the gaps and explore things mentioned in passing in the podcast. It will also make for a great gaming sourcebook when it’s completed.

And, plus, part of my fun in writing it is to toss in some extra stuff as we go along, just to keep it interesting.

Number One covers the Vorquelves, their history, their social structure and their plans for the future.

Number Two deals with the mysterious man known as Kedyn’s Crow. It delves into his background, his exploits and his likely origins and role in the redemption of Vorquellyn.

The books are illustrated Black and White .pdf files, very much in the style of my writing newsletter, The Secrets. Each chapter of The Grand History is priced at $1.00.

This is a fun exercise in creative fictional non-fiction that I hope you’ll enjoy as much as I do.

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