Obsidian, Office Hours and more…

First thing: J. C. Hutchins’ 7th Son: Obsidian has posted the episode that I wrote and recorded. It’s titled He Sees In Shadows and is definitely the creepiest piece of fiction I’ve ever written. It’s part of the Obsidian podcast series. If you want some entertaining stories and reads, check it out.

Tonight (June 18th), in Second Life, I’ll have office hours starting at 6pm Pacific/9pm Eastern. It’s a chance to come in and join the discussions about writing. Lots of folks ask specific questions about things they’re working on; but our discussions also are a bit more wide ranging. I’ll be there for about an hour and a half, so stop on by.

I released The Secrets Newsletter issue 101 yesterday. This is the first of volume five. Hard to believe I’ve been doing the newsletter for four years already. Looking back over the issues, it’s incredible how much writing has changed and the demands on writers have shifted. One of the things I love about doing the newsletter is helping to chart the future of publishing by making sure that writers don’t get caught by shifts in the business. It’s an interesting and terrifying time to be a writer. Click on the above link if you’re interested in subscribing (but keep reading if you want to save some money).

I also released the latest episode of The Secrets Podcast. This episode goes more into depth as to why serial fiction will be the future of writing as we move into the electronic era. And, as a bonus, if you listen closely to the episode, you’ll get a special coupon code that will save you a chunk of money on downloads from the Stormwolf store! If you don’t have The Secrets Podcast on automatic download through iTunes or your favorite podcatcher, just click here to stream (play directly through a media player such as Winamp, Windows Media Player or iTunes) the current episode. You also have the option of downloading the .mp3 files directly to your computer. To save a file to your PC computer: right click the above link and choose “Save target As.” To save a file on a Mac: click and hold the mouse button on any above link and choose “Save File As.” If you are using OS X, simply Option-Click on the link and the file will be automatically downloaded.

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