Tricknomancy: The Trick Molloy Collection

Just wanted to let you know that I’ve finally gathered up all seven of the Trick Molloy stories and made them into a single, novel-length collection. Many of these stories I’ve shared on this website, doling them out in serialized chunks a couple years ago.

I really like these stories for a variety of reasons. Probably the best is that they kept me writing during a difficult time. Three and a half years ago Bantam dropped me, right after I turned in The New World. I was lucky enough to have friends who shot me work. Writing to direction has never really been a problem, but when those jobs were over, I was left looking at what I’d be doing for the future. You see, at the same time Bantam let me go, publishing tightened up considerably. (I’m not alone in having had my income slashed by 60% overnight; and better writers than I have had to go out and snag day-jobs while waiting for the industry to recover.)

In many ways having to work without a contract was the best thing possible. It caused me to take stock of my position in the industry, and to look at where the industry was going. This, in turn, pointed me toward the digital publication issue. The more I looked at it, the clearer the images became. As you are all aware from reading my comments on that topic over the years, most of what I’ve predicted has come true, and the jury is still out on the rest of it.

The Trick Molloy stories both provided me a creative outlet and a laboratory for testing concepts. Giving people free samples definitely spurs sales. When I started offering the complete story for sale halfway through the serial run, people purchased the whole story instead of waiting to get it for free. This information has gone on to influence others with their efforts. Heck, even the traditional publishers have adopted my pricing scheme for short work so some of them are listening.

The collection adds two stories, If Vanity Doesn’t Kill Me and The Devil Within. Both of them have seen print in anthologies, but I’d not offered them for individual sale because of contracts. I’ve bundled them together with the other tales, and have put them in the proper chronological order. The stories really do read as a novel might, and that’s by intention. I’ve always looked at Trick’s saga as a much longer story, and breaking it down into “cases” was more a function of genre convention than anything else.

I’ll post links when the book becomes available for the Kindle and on Barnes & Noble. For now you can snag the epub version by clicking here. If you want to snag it for the Kindle, just click here.

There will be more Trick Molloy stories to come, and this collection is a great start to what will be a long run of tales.

(Sales copy from the store below)

Tricknomancy collects all seven of the Trick Molloy stories into the novel-length story they were always meant to be. This collection includes If Vanity Doesn’t Kill Me and The Devil Within which have not been previously released or collected with these other stories.

Tricknomancy tells the story of Patrick Molloy, a magick-using ex-cop who was busted off the force on trumped up bribery charges. He works as a bouncer in a Gentlemen’s Club, Club Flesh, where all the women use magick to conjure dollars out of the patrons’ pockets. His only true friend is the coroner; his family hates him with a passion, and the cop who busted him off the force is just itching to find a way to send him to jail.

Trick Molloy’s world is one in which magick-users are feared and hated. Televangelists make bank on casting them as the devil’s tools. Gangsters often use magick more readily than guns. Respectable magickers use their skills for seduction, robbery and murder. No one in power really cares about what befalls the criminal class, which Trick Molloy as the one man smart enough to discover the truth, and tough enough to administer justice.

These seven stories, sold separately, would cost $18. This collection is a steal at $5.

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9 Responses to “Tricknomancy: The Trick Molloy Collection”

  1. Will "scifantasy" Frank 02. Dec, 2010 at 2:36 pm

    Cool! (Though in my case, I’ve already bought all the stories…*grin*)

  2. Interesting you should post this today. I just finished listening to the Dragon Page interview with John Joseph Adams earlier.

    While I was listening to that, while the topic of the anthologies as eBooks wasn’t really discussed my mind was working along that direction.

    This wouldn’t necessarily work in your case, because you want them to be read as a whole, but I was interested in your thoughts in general about this. Instead of selling the eBook version of an anthology as a monolithic “book” I think it would be more user friendly to sell them as a package of individual short stories in eBook format. Like you said, you could purchase them individually for $18, or all together for $5.

  3. Excuse my English – I’m German… Would anyone be so kind and name all the stories in the collection?!? Because I’m not sure I already own all the stories as I bought them all previously released on this website or even in hard-copy form. thanks

  4. The stories are:

    No Rest For the Wicked
    If Vanity Doesn’t Kill Me
    The Devil Within
    Such a Nice Girl
    Little Girl Lost
    The Witch in Scarlet
    ‘Til Death

  5. I’m so excited about this collection. Trick Molloy is one of the best heros ever.

  6. Hi, I know this probably isn’t the place to ask, but when can we expect a paper back novel from you, as far as I know it has been some time. I do not have a kindle or any other type of e book reader, as a landscape gardener I would not have a lot of time to use it on any commutes, and at home I would much rather be sitting with something more tangible, something that can sit on my book shelf and be returned to. I completely appreciate you as an author wanting to and needing to maximize profits and control over your work, but are there any plans for new paper backs? Or even audio books, I do listen to lots of books during the day at work.

    Again, I’m sorry to post here but cant find answers anywhere else.
    Good luck and I hope the writing continues to go well.

  7. Mark,

    At the Queen’s Command just came out in trade paperback from Night Shade Press.

  8. thank you for responding, I shall go get a copy.Have a good xmas and ill look forward to some new books in the new year. Mark

  9. So… I bought all of the stories previously on Amazon… and now I buy them again? WTF?!? I LOVE the stories Mike! Bring me more!