And We Have A Winner!

The Gencon contest has produced a winner. The Judges and I had a tough time sorting through all the submissions. The creativity of the contestants really put a smile on our faces—and made me happy for the future of the human race. If the Zombi Apocalypse comes, I’m sure the contestants will be among the survivors. (Or, if by some horrid circumstance they get turned, the rest of us are screwed.)

Our winner is Rex Timbs. He made the whole production effort a family affair, gathering up the components and posing them. The Judges were especially struck with the franchise on franchise violence. Given that I was bouncing back and forth between Star Wars and BattleTech when writing the novels, this image captured various fever dreams I had at the time.

©2013 Rex Timbs
Image ©2013 Rex Timbs

Thank you, Rex.

Rex is being sent two four-day passes to Gencon. I’ll also do my best to get a picture with Rex, and then post it here to prove we had a real winner. (I’m also sending something to the other contestants to thank them for participating in this first contest.)

And I will be doing more contests. This was fun. I have a variety of things piling up here that need a good home, so stay tuned!

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