The Secrets Issues 144-145: More Career Planning

The latest two issues of my writing newsletter, The Secrets, just went out to subscribers. These two issues combine to address a very serious issue for writers, especially as the digital age slams into publishing and blasts it apart. They are focused on organization and how the digital age will shift what we write and how we make it available. There’s a chaotic storm heading in to publishing and this double issue will show you how to create a solid foundation for weathering the disaster. The information is suitable for everyone from brand new writers to established writers who want to navigate through the difficult times ahead.

Reading these two issues will not guarantee success. Effort is what guarantees success. What these issues will do is to make sure your effort isn’t wasted. They provide guidelines on how you can expand your product inventory both in scope and depth—which we’ll all have to do if we want to prosper in a world where we sell directly to consumers. Simple efforts that never would have paid off for traditional publishers can make individual authors profitable.

These two issues are available as part of the current (Volume 6) subscription to The Secrets. Separately the pair would cost $4, but in the current package they’re only $3. The package includes PDF, epub and mobi format files for your reading pleasure.

I also wanted to remind you of the Welcome to Ebooks package and The Next Step packages. A bunch of you took advantage of the Welcome to Ebooks package to fill your new ereaders. Click on the link above for more details, or the image below to purchase. It’s six long novels for $25, plus a bunch of bonus books and stories by a whole host of authors.

The Next Step package is designed to set you up with everything you need to finally make 2011 the year you finish a novel and jump into the world of publishing. It even includes a subscription to The Secrets, so you’ll get the double issue mentioned above. It’s $140 worth of writing instruction, all gathered together for $100. It’s an investment in your future that is certain to pay off handsomely. The link above will supply more information, and the image below will take you to my store to purchase it. (This deal will go away by 31 January, so get it now while you can.)

The Next Step collection

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